Work update!

So I’d been debating what to do about work.  I didn’t really want to go wait tables after having banging in my ears, plus the times of my TMS treatments varies, so like I couldn’t get it at 4 then work at 5pm.  So I’m working one weekend day.  I emailed HR and they required a letter from a medical professional.  I had Hope send it.  I found out today it was approved! W00t!  So that is a load off my mind (I haven;t been there long enough for FMLA)



pexels-photo-207480So the landline rings this morning and it’s Lizzie from the TMS clinic.  I was approved and she was calling to schedule a start date.  We schedule May 1, then she called back an hour later with a cancellation:  so I start on Tuesday.  I am terrified, excited, and a mess,

I had finally decided what to do about work, which is/was cemented by my session times being all over the place.  I’m asking them to let me work Sundays because of a “medical treatment.”  Hopefully it will be ok.

I emailed Hope and asked her to speak with the doctors at the TMS clinic.