My TMS experience: Days 2 and 3

woman in a white turtleneck cluthing her head.

On Day 2, I had Anna, rather than Bridget.  We were also in a smaller room, which had a softer chair.  Putting my cap on hurt less, I don;t know if it was because I skipped hair product or not.  We did the daily evaluation where you get to put your mood, your caffeine and alcohol intakes.  This session was better:  slightly less painful, no sneezing.  I still don;t like it though.

Day 3 Anna and I were back in the first room.  Went through the daily check in.  It started.  And then the sneezes started.  Then the watering eye (on the side receiving treatment).  I was also dozing off because I barely slept last night.  So I was just in a bad mood:  I still feel depressed.  I am so tired of this feeling.

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