Work update!

So I’d been debating what to do about work.  I didn’t really want to go wait tables after having banging in my ears, plus the times of my TMS treatments varies, so like I couldn’t get it at 4 then work at 5pm.  So I’m working one weekend day.  I emailed HR and they required a letter from a medical professional.  I had Hope send it.  I found out today it was approved! W00t!  So that is a load off my mind (I haven;t been there long enough for FMLA)


The First Time I met Dr Packer

MeetingEmail to Hope:  March 31
So today I met with Dr, Packer, who is the psychiatrist.  He took a brief history of my depression, assured that I have had non depressed times.  He took a Hamilton depression inventory (apparently if I’m approved I’ll give myself a Beck weekly).  He did mention only 50% of patients are helped.
I also volunteered for a study that measures brain plasticity.